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Schizophrenia services offered in Encino and Pasadena, CA

The ongoing support you need to manage schizophrenia is always available at Adelpha Psychiatric Group. The experienced medical team provides compassionate, high-quality care for adults and children living with schizophrenia. The providers take a whole-person approach to diagnosing and treating the disorder. They specialize in psychiatric medication management and counseling to support your mental health and emotional wellness over the long term. Call the Encino or Pasadena, California, office today to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for schizophrenia or request an appointment online.

Schizophrenia Q & A

What is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder affecting how you interpret reality. It can impair your behaviors and thinking and ultimately become disabling.

While schizophrenia requires lifelong treatment, strategies are available to keep your symptoms well-controlled so that you can lead a productive life.

Adelpha Psychiatric Group provides integrative treatment plans for adults and children with schizophrenia. The practice offers ongoing support during in-office visits and can also manage your medications and other therapies online through the virtual telehealth platform.

When should I seek treatment for schizophrenia?

You should schedule a psychiatric evaluation at Adelpha Psychiatric Group if you have new symptoms of schizophrenia or your existing symptoms are getting worse, even with treatment.

Schizophrenia symptoms can vary in severity from one person to the next and include:


Hallucinations describe sensing things that aren’t present in reality. This can include hearing voices or seeing images that aren’t real.


Delusions are false beliefs not based in reality. For instance, you might strongly believe a catastrophic event is about to happen, even with no evidence to support it. Other delusions include beliefs you’re being followed or that your thoughts are being controlled by someone else.

Disorganized or negative thoughts or behaviors

Schizophrenia can cause communication difficulties because your thoughts seem disorganized. You might also display unusual or bizarre behaviors, like constant movements, inappropriate postures, and unpredictable agitation.

The medical team provides comprehensive psychiatric evaluations to assess your symptoms and their severity. They might also meet with your loved ones to better understand your behaviors and thought patterns.

How is schizophrenia treated?

Medications are an essential part of schizophrenia treatment. Even after your symptoms are under control, you may need to take medications to prevent hallucinations and delusions from returning.

Adelpha Psychiatric Group offers medication management to identify the best medication and dosage for your symptoms. They monitor your treatment progress during routine checkups in the office and through the telehealth platform.

You may also need psychotherapy to support your mental and emotional health. Your provider could recommend individual psychotherapy sessions to help you cope with the challenges of schizophrenia. They also offer family counseling to ensure that you have the support you need to properly manage your schizophrenia symptoms.

Call the Adelpha Psychiatric Group office near you today to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for schizophrenia or request an appointment online.